Misk Alaçatı

This is Misk Alaçatı. The reflection of the Misk environment you love in Alaçatı. The most colourful part of the spring gardens you missed. An utterly different breathing area you come by passing through the stone houses and fragrant flowered streets.

This is a down-to-earth place in GAIA Alaçatı’s garden. A place that sweetens you up with the freshness of the soil and the beauties of nature. Our doors will be open starting from June 1. If you happen to pass by, come over, try the new tastes, then plunge into the flowers in the atelier. Step on the soil, listen to the birds, gaze at the sky, stay that way for a while or dance if you like.

This is your garden. Welcome to Misk Alaçatı.


GAIA Alaçatı Breakfast

When designing GAIA Alaçatı, we wanted to address five senses in all four seasons in all aspects. We have crowned the “TASTE” sense with our breakfast everyone talks about and no one forgets.

Whether you are from GAIA Alaçatı’s bed or from Alaçatı's cobblestone pavements, we are waiting for you whenever you want. Our breakfast is the most precise and delicious way to start the day along with a very big smile.