GAIA is the Mother Earth in Greek Mythology, a cosmic being that occurs after Chaos, symbolizing earth, ground, soil, the beginning and existence as a universal element…When we are designing GAIA Alaçatı, we have determined “upcycling” as our motto to prevent excessive consumption and unnecessary production by looking at GAIA’s protecting and sustaining approach. Upcycling means bringing back to life the materials that have lost their function or have started to be considered a redundancy and are hard to recycle with a little bit of creativity and a little bit of effort. We have manufactured our furniture by putting the idle wood into good use and our bar from the old lamp posts of Alaçatı.  We have made sure that every material we use is environmentally friendly and that is coming from or can adapt to the texture of the environment we are in.

Our connection with the environment was not limited to our upcycling motto. During the pre-opening process of GAIA Alaçatı, we took care of the street animals we shared the same streets. Some of our guests who stayed in GAIA Alaçatı took part in this mutualization awareness which is a natural result of sharing the same environment by adopting our animals. Being able to mediate permanent friendships in addition to an enjoyable stay was and continues to be an indescribable happiness for GAIA Alaçatı.

While GAIA Alaçatı hosts beautiful memories and friendships, we also wanted it to become a home that can always be reached and returned for everyone. Either when you miss its world-famous sea and beaches, or for a short farewell to the city after a long week, or only for Alaçatı’s streets, wind or for nice chats in front of a warm fireplace, or for a nice sleep after returning from a fun night, or for our delicious breakfast in the morning… As Dalai Lama says, we wanted to give you “roots to return to and reasons for keeping you by our side…”. We wanted GAIA Alaçatı to be a home that can always be reached and returned.